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A technology landscape search can yield fruitful results when entering the market. The key insights that one gain through the analysis helps business in making sound and smart decision. It highlights the crucial elements necessary for a business, including current market knowledge, competition, marketing standing, etc.

The technology landscape search process helps get a better insight into technology. It is to know potential R&D, new market entrants, acquisition, and joint venture opportunities. Technology Landscape Search is usually performed by companies who want to manufacture new products in the technology domain.

With the help of technology landscape search, a business can make an appropriate decision. It is on the basis of all the insights received from the analysis to sync with the IP strategy. Plus, the insight must also align with the company’s growth in general. Generally, the search and reporting for it summarise technical and other patent information, technology trends, preferred technology, etc.

Depending upon the different needs and expectations of the client, the technology report differs. In some cases, the client’s objective can be to gain white space analysis in the technology. With that, one can find the market’s key players through a search: those who can become a threat or competitor to the business.

Why a Technology Landscape Search?

Through the help of these reports, one gets to know the high demand for patented areas. Also, how rapidly technology fields are getting exposure, the main assignees and their patents. These data are presented in different forms and through charts to display clients for clarity. Technology landscaping Map has curated which groups the patent through their key concepts, displaying the high and low concentration of patents.

Features of Technology Landscape Reports

allow customers to understand how a particular technology works. Since the industry is evolving, it gives customers an overview and insight into the patent information. Customers use technology landscape reports to identify the competition regarding filing, strategy, opportunities, and threats.

Types of Technology Landscape Search

Landscape reporting helps in planning for the development of sales, business support and even products. Primarily the technology landscape is performed on a specific area which helps to find the situation of IP protection.

It takes place with the help of automation and manual analysis to organise vast information in a particular technology.

1. Domain Focused

This landscape gives information on a particular domain by using patent literature. Through this, various insights are derived based on patent clusters, which are crucial for R&D and the product development team. In this, a study is performed based on the ideal domain-focused landscape.

The recent technology developed in the last few years can be discovered for further research. For this type, a white space analysis is performed. It helps in determining the technical areas with low or no patent filing and then identifying the white spaces in the technology.

2. Player-Focused – Patent Landscapes

In this type of landscape search, one identifies what kind of patent filing is done by players in the market. It is similar to the IP profiling of the players. It helps closely monitor the research and the interest of the business by having a detailed check on the patent portfolio. The player-focused landscape is usually done during mergers and acquisitions. The patent portfolio calculates the company’s value in terms of assets and intangible ones.

Why Choose PATHtoIP®?

We at PATHtoIP thoroughly analyse your reports catering to a single industry, technology, or geographic region. With the help of our tech landscape search, you get an idea of the patent situation that occurs in different technology.

The help of the search gives knowledge on licensing targets, whitespace, and locating technology trends. Plus, it can examine the validity of patents based on different information on legal statuses. Finally, it is presented in a visually attractive form once everything is completed.

The best part about working with PATHtoIP® is that we provide customised patent landscapes that suit every budget! When you choose us, you can identify different product areas across multiple domains.

With our help, you can connect to the right professionals within the technology research team. We go to great lengths to understand the client’s business, ambition, and concerns. Accordingly, we create searches that help to give you better clarity! If your business works on technology or IP, the technology landscape is something to take advantage of.

It is a necessary form of action that boosts your asset! Plus, it gives you the understanding to determine a new partner while extending to new markets.

The patent landscape acts as a roadmap but won’t tell you which journey to take. It will only give you an insight into the obstacles that might come your way. With our help, you understand the patent ecosystem and your competitor too.

What do We at PATHtoIP® Do?

We have been in the business for a long time and understand what clients expect from us. services are open to everyone, be it any budget and expectations. Before proceeding with new development, many technology development customers understand what has been done already—new technology, products, services, and what has been done in it or needs to be improved.

It is the situation where landscape search comes into the picture. And therefore, choosing us to give you a desirable solution makes sense. We know the ins and out of technology landscape search. Thus, the kind of experience we offer will be vast and limitless. We aim to provide trendy and meaningful support to our clients so they relax and seek assistance from us.

Dynamic Dashboards

These landscape dashboards get customised to offer valuable insights on different research objectives. The objectives for the same include future innovation, R&D, licensing, acquisition, investment decisions and more.

  • Latest Competitor/Technology trends
  • Licensing target identification
  • Technology Whitespace
  • Help non-technical experts to understand complex data-driven codes
  • Relative Growth (CAGR) in Competitor Patent Portfolios
  • Increase in organisational efficiency
  • Hottest R&D locations & Leading Markets across generations
  • Compiling reports, innovation of new programs and product

We at PATHtoIP® have a dynamic dashboard that helps in computing powerfully. Also, we do fast analytics over any electronic model, whether tablet, mobile or computer. Our dashboard is simple to understand, so non-technical users can also understand the data. With that, the organisation runs efficiently through the collaboration of multiple users

Customised Taxonomy

We consider a few elements when choosing us for a technology landscape search. We understand different clients’ comprehensive needs and objectives, so we provide a customised solution—one that fits individual technology/product lines/ competitors’ strategies.

When choosing us, we go to significant limits to offer exceptional solutions. The key strength of our company is the ability to be flexible. We have designed a tailor-made solution that meets your specific needs, issues, and budgets well.

Market Research

We at PATHtoIP® provide customised patent landscapes that suit every budget! Provide a very comprehensive examination of the product landscape. Also, our market research extends to other competitors’ commercial activities concerning the technological domain.

To get rid of complex technology-related queries, we follow unique methods. We ensure the right mix of research techniques is used for different projects. To curate relevant information, our research will fluctuate. We have the expertise to give you proper help, be it for secondary or primary research. We also perform field research to get you the proper insight.


Our technological landscape search includes very clear charts and figures. It is to give clients clarity in the reports. Through infographics, clients can better understand the overall analysis.

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