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In the field of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical sciences, the usage of chemical structures are an indispensable part. Slight alterations in the formulations can disrupt the intended results, which could have several biological effects. Research methodologies for these areas specifically focus on the molecules depicting the chemical features and utilities.

What are Chemical Structures?

Chemical structures are the geometrical arrangements in molecules of atoms. A concretely arranged pattern, defining the molecular geometry of the molecules and different from random clusters of functional groups and atoms.

Chemical Structure Search in Terms of Patents

Patent rights allocation to the developed chemical structure becomes necessary when it is eminently rewarding for the industries. Inventors or Developers in the authoritative position are entrusted with obtaining a patent for the inventions they crafted.

However, apart from the above necessity to get patent rights, Identification of Chemical structures is valuable while discovering the references for other prior art services such as patentability search, clearance search, and invalidation search in the fields that use such chemical information.

What is Chemical Structure Search?

The process through which we identify the chemical structures in patent and non-patent reports is known as Chemical Structure Search.

Chemical Search by structures is also a part of prior art services, wherein we search for such compositions to find if there is an already claimed one before applying for the patent rights.

The difference between other inspecting methodologies and Chemical search is the specification; this domain dedicatedly works towards searching relevant structures by the team of PATHtoIP® experts.

Methods to Perform Chemical Structure Search

IUPAC name of the following compound, common names and compound names are the general filtrations to search. In case of dissatisfaction, PATHtoIP® search prime databases to gather precise patent and non-patent writings.

Segregate the Key Features, Based on Available Information Regarding Technology

This step involves gathering the essential features of the particular technology for which the patent application needs to be filled. It is crucial because of the complexity of chemical structures, and such segregation will assist in formulating a defined strategy to conduct the Chemical structure search effectively. To achieve precision in terms of features and strategy, the available information related to the invention shall go through in-depth analysis.

PATHtoIP® harmonising with the above principle ensures that we have a team of professionals with the expertise to deliver comprehensive research and guidance.

Claim Provided by the Already granted Patents

The next step involves the assessment of Markush structures that have been granted patents. From this, you’ll be able to compare the claims asserted by the existing technologies and the claims of new technology you wish to commercialise.

Apart from the above, PATHtoIP® looks out for non-patented literature, such as articles, research papers, and books, which helps them give explicit directions and recommendations to the clients.

Search Through Alternative Names

One should identify the possible names of that structure or main chemical compound to get through a more exhaustive search of chemical compositions. IUPAC name, CAS name, Trivial name, International non-proprietary names, and other identifiers act as a keyword-based search of patents for chemical compositions. Several databases support this methodology with the option of different categories, because of which it is considered more direct and cost-effective.

Chemical Name Spellings

It is pertinent to note that chemical names assigned to compositions sometimes have differences in their spellings. Hence, while searching the databases using the name, one should refine the search by checking the spellings.

Research in Databases

The last step is to search databases using the above-filtered information. There are several easily accessible and user-friendly databases for the research.

However, with PATHtoIP®, you’ll get a comprehensive and in-depth search related to desired Chemical structures as we have access to specific databases that no one can access as it is allowed for particular companies.

Kinds of Identification through a Search for Chemical Structures.

Chemical Compound names in the documents

Through a Chemical Structure Search, one can determine the names assigned to the compounds which are not easily detectible or disclosed in the available references.

Embedded Chemistry Drawings in the documents

From this search, one can extract the Chemistry drawings or Markush structures in the available patent and non-patent documents that help recognise chemical structures.

Chemical Structure Challenges


Chemical formulas are formed with complex structures; even the basic structure has a thousand compounds. Hence, at the time of the research, the hurdle that restricts performing a valuable chemical structure search is its complexity, which cannot be bifurcated by a person not having in-depth knowledge about the chemical compositions.


There is no general or specific database or software for the search concerning desired chemical compounds. There are several databases in the form of patent and non-patent documents representing chemical structures. Hence, access to some crucial databases is owned by some of the prestigious companies as PATHtoIP® performing comprehensive research on Chemical Structures.

Unlimited Results

The search gets complicated when the chemical structures are disclosed in a form having numerous substitutions and derivations possibilities. Getting the exact chemical composition or molecule using only keyword-based or International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry or IUPAC names becomes laborious.

Expertise Required

Because of the complexities involved in the chemical structures and usage of available databases, it becomes crucial to get expert assistance to make the process of searching smooth, effective, and efficient.

Different Applications in Different Industries

The Chemical composition you’ll be looking for might be in the application already in some other industry, and your search for that composition or molecule is in a different business. Hence, in this situation, it becomes pertinent to have someone who can analyse the applications of that chemical structure for valuable search.

Purpose of Chemical Structure Search

Impact on the commercialisation of their idea because of third-party patents

To check if your invention is not infringing the rights of the third party by claiming the boundaries or development of existing patents. Sometimes, the commercialisation process of a product has an impact because of infringement by your current invention. Chemical structure search removes those possibilities of violation so that organisations and innovators can easily get into industrial use.

Determination of novelty and non-obviousness

The primary intention of any prior art search is to determine the novelty and non-obviousness of the invention. In Chemical structure search, the complete structure or Markush doesn’t need to be new and unique as molecules available in it can claim to be novel and non-obviousness. Hence, an extensive Chemical structure search finds the necessary areas of your invention that are patentable.

Identification of Improvements that Challenges already existing patents’ validity

Sometimes based on the limited information, the technology used in the patent gets authorisation. However, with several developments and more extensive searches, results reflect the inadequacy of the solution offered to the problem, or some improvement is required. In such circumstances, a good chemical structure search showcases the areas of improvement where existing patents have given unsatisfactory results.

Why Choose PATHtoIP® for Chemical Structure Search?

The Chemical Structure landscape has increased tremendously in the past few years. Along with it, the tools and databases covering the patent and non-patent workings have expanded their dimensions. Hence, performing a comprehensive search with strategic planning to achieve the desired goal is crucial.

Operation of precise and well-established resources, as per the purpose of required chemical composition, delivering effective and efficient search, is a challenging task. However, surpassing those challenges, PATHtoIP® has formed a strong foundation in Chemical Structure Search by providing creative and legally effective solutions.

Intellectual properties offer the rights of ownership to intangible assets, and understanding the tough grind done by the innovators and developers, PATHtoIP® ensures that the idea or innovation achieves the deservedly position by getting the patent.

A team of specialists with impeccable expertise in Prior Art Search establishes to cover the aspects of all the domains no matter how demanding the subject matter could be.

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